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Everyone wants to try:

Fruit purees and fruit juice concentrates of highest organic quality

We deliver high-grade exotic and local, organic processed raw goods for food producers, and we place importance in authentic taste.
Be it Aҫai from Brasil, Fair Trade banana puree from Costa Rica or Camu Camu from Peru – the list of exotic fruits we can deliver is long. FRUTELIA is known for its many personal contacts with international producers and suppliers in South America, Africa and Asia. All of global production venues are selected very carefully – all merchandise and fruits can be traced back to their points of origin.
As a specialist for fruits, FRUTELIA'has the best contacts for direct-pressed juices and purees from apricots, black currant, elderberry or blackberry – in guaranteed organic quality. High-end non-organic merchandise is also available.

FRUTELIA is looking forward to meeting with you.
We would love to show you our whole assortment. Please call or email us at info(at)frutelia.com.

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Fine, fair and fruitful

Frutelia is located in Munich, with international market relations and activities. Frutelia stands for expertise in transformed fruits and marketing of valuable, high quality food products.

  • Purees, juice concentrates & natural colours
  • Exotic fruit purees and fruit juice concentrates
  • Cupuaçu - Amazonian Super Fruit
  • Baobab – fair and healthy
  • Contact:
    FRUTELIA & Letellier GmbH
    Loristr. 9 • 80335 München
    Phone +49 (0) 89 74 11 97 92
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Everyone wants a taste
Fruit purees and fruit juice concentrates of highest organic quality

We deliver high-end exotic and native processed organic raw ingredients for food producers, and we place the highest value in ecologically sound production and authentic taste.

Fruit Raw Materials for
Industrial Application

Product Development, Trading, Marketing: We propose food manufacturers solutions based on our fruit raw materials processing know-how.

The African 'Miracle-Tree'

2 x more calcium
than a glass of milk.
6 x more vitamin C
than an orange.
Baobab is THE latest superfruit for your industrial food application and we are your Baobab experts!

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